CALAMARES – The Best Buy Vinho Verde in Brazil

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In the respected Brazilian magazine Vinho Magazine of January of 2005, our wine Calamares, it was considered with 4 stars, the best Price / Quality Vinho Verde Wine.

After the visit by Eduardo Viotti in 2004 to the Vinhos Verdes wine region, the magazine Vinho Magazine presents the red and white Vinhos Verdes Tasting, available in the Brazilian market.

In a classification from 2 to 5 stars the Calamares were the only that it got 4 stars (Very good for the that costs, it is worth each cent).

In the appreciation of the wine it highlights although:
Ivory, well light, close of the colorless. Aroma with vegetable notes, average intensity. Balanced mouth with excellent acidity, a lot of fruit and mineral notes.

In the list of appreciated wines we found from best Alvarinhos, to the more acquaintances Vinhos Verdes wines.

Therefore, this appreciation acts for us a great reason of pride, for the recognition of the quality of our wine, and still for the positive work resulting from our cooperation with Santar (11 3277 7355) our representative in Brazil for this mark.

To know more on the CALAMARES Vinho Verde it visits our website: en Calamares