Quinta de Caniços

Quinta de Caniços was the ancient name of Quinta de S. João Batista.

Its origin is lost between histories of noble successions, donations to religious orders and so many other events.

Since 1550 belongs to the Fróis family and with this family it will remain for several generations.

Already in the XIX century, the still existent registers about the Quinta, place it as an integrand part of the Earl of Sam Paio assets, being lately acquired by Marquis da Foz, who would sell it to a great capitalist and wealthy owner, Mr. João Baptista de Macedo.

The secular history of Quinta de Caniços is well represented by the lordly house of colonial style, today the head-office of Caves Dom Teodósio. The architectonic set includes, beyond splendid cellars, shallow stone vats for fermentation. Was also part of the Quinta a very antique chapel dedicated to S. Caetano from the beginning  of the XVIII century which in honour of the owner would lately become to S. João Batista. On the same period the Quinta change’s name.