Cardeal Dão red wine 2003 – In the choice of the “Expresso Vinhos 2005”

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Our Cardeal Dão red wine 2003 are part of the list of 40, from 7 wine regions of the group “Vinhos do Quotidiano” “Day to day wines”.

In the edition of the Expresso (the most important Portuguese weekly publication) of September 17, 2005, the Choice of the “Expresso Vinhos 2005”, withJoão Paulo Martins as responsible was presented.

In the group of the “Day to day wines” it’s our Cardeal Dão red wine 2003.
About this group writes João Paulo Martins:
“The wines of the group “Day to day wines” are the lifeguards of the day by day.
They usually present a reasonable quality for the cost, exist habitually in the great retail stores and many of them were part of the restaurants wine lists.

They are, for that, wines that it don’t request nor great consumption preparations, nor great decantation ceremonials or other.
We drink them easily and, in some cases, we forgot of them fast.
It is in this group that the offer is larger.
The listing that here presented easily could be multiplied by three or for four that we still continued to have a group of wines of reasonable quality.
As well as it is in this group that the amount of wines is larger, our option has been to do a division for wine regions; in the remaining groups the area goes indicated ahead.
The white wines are marked with B and the red ones with T.”
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