CAVES DOM TEODOSIO offers an extensive and diversified range of products covering the most different and potential Portuguese wine regions, such as:

D.O.C. – Denominação de Origem Controlada (Denomination of Controlled Origin)

  • Vinhos Verdes
  • Porto
  • Douro
  • Bairrada
  • Dão
  • Ribatejo
  • Bucelas
  • Madeira
  • Palmela

Vinho Regional (Regional wines)

  • Vinho Regional Terras Durienses
  • Vinho Regional Beiras
  • Vinho Regional Ribatejano
  • Vinho Regional Estremadura
  • Vinho Regional Alentejano

Plus, this offer is conjugated with varietal wines and or from Quintas ( Single Estate), Reserva and Garrafeiras, constituting that a value increased for our customers.

We highlighted in the Varietal wines and at the same time wines of Quinta of our exclusive production:

  • Cabeça de Toiro – Reserva – Ribatejo D.O.C. – João Santarém varietal
  • Quinta S. João Batista – Reserva – Ribatejo D.O.C. – Castelão varietal
  • Quinta S. João Batista – Ribatejo D.O.C. – Fernão Pires varietal
  • Quinta D’ Almargem – Reserva – Ribatejo D.O.C. – Trincadeira Preta varietal

In the wines with the classification Garrafeira highlighted:

  • Quinta D’ Almargem – Garrafeira – Ribatejo D.O.C.

In the Sparkling Wines we were proud of presenting among price, quality and exclusiveness 4 excelent options, 3 of them varietals.

Our Aguardentes Vínicas and Bagaceiras are inside of the Portuguese traditional products one of the best available offers in the market.

Finally we highlighted our offer of Olive Oil. The oils of Quinta do Côa are unanimously considered by the critic and in the competitions in that they participate, the best Olive oils of Portugal.