Control of Quality – Certification

NP EN ISO 9001:2000

Since September 2001 Caves Dom Teodósio obtained the CERTIFICATION of its System of Quality, by APCER, in conformity with the rules ISO 9002, meanwhile updated to NP EN ISO 9001:2000 (System of Control of Quality).

Cmi / BRC – standard – food (Higher Level)

Since October 2002 Caves Dom Teodósio obtained the certification of its System of Control of Quality by the rules of the BRC (British Retail Consortium) global standard – food, actually on its more demanding level – Higher level.

The certification of quality is a continuous process who requests the restructuration and internal reorganisation of the company, being pointed out the total reformulation of the range of products with main focus in the production of superior quality wines.

Caves Dom Teodósio it sees in the attribution of the Certification of Quality the recognition of the quality of its products and services, a strong motivation to the continuity of the progressive improvement of its wines, and a justification for the growing search of its products and its customer’s loyalty.

In the respect for the genuineness of its wines, for the tradition and for the culture that involves the creation of the same ones, Caves Dom Teodósio it believes to continue to grow motivated by the consumers’ preference.