SERRADAYRES GARRAFEIRA – one of the 100 better wines in Brazil

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In the edition of January of 2004, of the important Brazilian magazine ” Prazeres da Mesa”, our Serradayres Garrafeira red wine, was considered one of the 100 better available wines for the consumer in Brazil.

Production from our single estate Quinta de Almargem located in Aveiras de Cima at Ribatejo wine region.
The vinification and ageing in new oak american barrels was made on our single estate Quinta de S. João Batista, near of Tomar and Golegã cities.
The bottling and ageing in bottle for a minimum period of 1 year was made in our Rio Maior facilities.

Serradayres History
Serradayres was a centenary Portuguese brand (since 1896), linked to the extinct company Carvalho Ribeiro & Ferreira, and later to Cockburns (Allied Domecq).
During this period it won many awards, among which are pointed out:
1900 – Paris – gold medal
1904 – St Louis – gold medal
1908 – Rio de Janeiro – grand prix
1930 – Anvers – France  – grand prix
1975 – Bratislava – grand  gold medal

The brand was acquired in 1999 to the multinational Cockburns by Caves Dom Teodósio.

The 2000 vintage
From that vintage we bottled 18300 bottles.
The wine was produced fromthe Castelão and Trincadeira Preta Grape Varieties.
Made by maceration and classic tanning with controlled temperature of fermentation, in stainless steel vats, before fermentation the wine aged in new oak american barrels, a minimum of 6 months at our single estate Quinta de S. João Batista.
After bottling the wine stays for a minimum period of 12 months ageing in bottle before consumption.

Our Appreciation
Limpid aspect, bright and very dark intense rubi colour, harmonious aroma between the mature fruit and American’s oak wood.
Dry red wine, full body but soft, very fruited, with good balance among mature red fruits and new wood, good tannins that provide a long and persistent final.

Our Suggestions
Exquisite, excelent aperitif (the social wine), we reccomend also as complement to red meat grills, stews, hunting meals and all type of cheese. Excelent with all strong and spicy meals.
To be served at the temperature of 18 – 20ºC, in a thin large glass.
Better if decanted before served.

To know more about that wine, please visit our website at:
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