Serradayres Old Aguardente Vínica – One more exclusive product

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One more product of great quality and image presentation, which associates prestige and exclusiveness, to our portfolio. From our stocks of Aguardente Vínica we selected one lot that will constitute the base for the Serradayres Old Aguardente Vínica .


Our winemakers selected in our stocks a lot of Aguardente Vínica distilled from wines of the Ribatejo region.

The aging

The aging made in oak barrels of 550 L, it has medium age to up to 5 years, being done in our facilities at Rio Maior.

The production ⁄ Exclusiveness

The estimated bottling average each year is 12000 bottles, what guarantees the quality and exclusiveness.


The Serradayres Old Aguardente Vínica , comes in a Fidjy type bottle that values its presentation.

Our Opinion

In the tasting Serradayres presents a limpid aspect, old gold color, intense aroma combining the wood with vanilla notes and the alcohol. It enters strong in the mouth, but quickly turns to a soft flavor, intense, long with complexity.

Our suggestion

We suggested as excellent digestive at the end of a meal, being an excellent complement of a good coffee espresso, cigar or a heavy and strong dessert.

It should be served to the temperature of 16th – 18ºC, in a thin brandy glass.

History of the mark Serradayres

Serradayres is a centennial Portuguese mark (since 1896), linked to the extinct company Carvalho Ribeiro & Ferreira, and later to Cockburn’s (Allied Domecq).

During this period and with wines, it won many awards, among which were:

1900 – Gold medal – Paris
1904 – Gold medal – St Louis
1908 – Great award – Rio de Janeiro
1923 – Great award – Rio de Janeiro
1930 – Great award – Anvers – France
1975 – Great gold medal – Bratislava
The mark was acquired in 1999 to the multinational Cockburn’s by Caves Dom Teodósio.

The continuity of the mark Serradayres

Already in the hands of Caves Dom Teodósio and result of a great work for the mark the awards and the good references continue how as it’s the case of:

Serradayres red Reserva 1999

III National Contest of Wines of the Clube do Vinho 2002 – Gold Medal
Ribatejo region wine contest 2001 – Gold Medal
We still refer the appreciation of José A. Salvador, in its ” Roteiro dos vinhos portugueses 2002″, who selected Serradayres red Reserva 1999 has one of the 100 better wines of Portugal.

About Serradayres red Reserva 1999 José A. Salvador writes:

“It is the old gentleman’s return. This brand Serradayres represented for many wine-lovers the beginning of the knowledge of quality wines. With this Reserva 1999 it is in a certain way the return to a lost prestige.”

Serradayres red Garrafeira 2000

In the edition of January of 2004, of the important Brazilian magazine “Prazeres da Mesa”, our Serradayres Garrafeira red wine, was considered one of the 100 better available wines for the consumer in Brazil.

To know more about Old Aguardente Vínica Serradayres visits our homepage in: Serradayres Aguardente Vínica Velha